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      In 2022, China's crude oil output will be 204 million tons, and this year will continue to promote the increase of oil and gas production and supply

      The release date:2023-03-14 Author:The station Subordinate to the column:Recent news

      Recently, it was learned from the National Energy Administration that in 2022, China will vigorously enhance the exploration and development efforts around the hard and stable production of old oil fields, the rapid breakthrough of new oil fields, and the rapid production of sea areas, and the crude oil output will reach 204 million tons; By increasing the exploration and development of new gas fields, stabilizing the dominant position of conventional natural gas, and promoting the rapid production of unconventional gas, the natural gas output is about 220 billion cubic meters, with an annual increase of more than 10 billion cubic meters for six consecutive years. We will accelerate the implementation of a number of major projects to ensure supply, adjust the structure and stabilize growth. It is estimated that the investment in key energy projects will be about 2 trillion yuan in the whole year.

      In 2022, oil and gas production enterprises will continue to strengthen exploration and development, increase reserves and increase production, and improve oil and gas self-sufficiency. Daqing Oilfield has achieved stable production of 30 million tons for 8 consecutive years, and Shengli Oilfield has achieved stable production of more than 23.4 million tons for 6 consecutive years. Sulige Gas Field has highlighted technological innovation and strengthened efficiency to build production, with output exceeding 30 billion cubic meters. The adjustment and potential tapping of old gas fields, the treatment of inefficient wells and the rapid construction of new gas fields were promoted offshore, and the natural gas production exceeded 20 billion cubic meters for the first time.

      It is reported that this year will continue to promote oil and gas production and supply. We will maintain stable production in key basins and sea areas, accelerate the rapid production of unconventional oil and gas, and promote the construction of major pipeline projects and oil and gas reserve capacity in the middle section of the Third West-East Gas Pipeline. In the field of energy, we will also plan a number of projects to complement our weaknesses, strengthen the foundation and benefit the long-term.

      As the global leader in high-end energy equipment solutions, Sany Petroleum will continue to deeply explore the oil and gas market, continue to promote the innovation of oil and gas development methods, help the domestic oil and gas market to reduce costs and increase efficiency, low-carbon environmental protection, and contribute to the development of unconventional oil and gas resources and the sustainable development of the oil and gas industry in China!

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